Rotary Building Services

Shaping our future as one

Ensuring we
deliver excellence
and quality

Our culture

Our culture is focussed on delivering operational excellence through highly experienced teams who are experts in their field. Our people encompass our Vision and Values which in turn is supported by a behavioural set based on trust & integrity, honesty, listening and positivity. These behaviours mirror who we are as a company. They are key to establishing sustainable mutually advantageous relationships with each other and with our customers.

Our mission

Our mission is quite simply to be 'Best in class' through quality service and innovation. We encourage our people at all levels to consistently do the best job they can, whatever role or part of the business they work in and by adding our efforts together we provide a seamless, consistent and worldclass experience for our customer.

Our vision

Our Vision is ‘Enabling our Customers to Excel’ What this really means is how can we help you do what you do better? This may be by improving productivity, safety or your customers’ experience thereby helping your business benefit. In order to do this we have to understand your needs and business outcomes to support your goal.

Our values are fundamental to achieving our Mission and our Vision.
They provide the linkage for our people to unify and work purposefully together...

Always performing to the highest standard we can. Striving to meet and go beyond our customer expectations.

Going that extra mile to get there. Always doing what we say we will - not making promises that we can't keep.

Working together and supporting each other means we will always achieve more than when we are on our own. We are better together.

Pride is about attitude. It's taking ownership of issues, not leaving them to someone else. It's the satisfaction derived from knowing you are doing your best.