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Energy management, renewables and low-carbon technology

In today’s environment of rising energy costs, along with a greater demand for net zero carbon, it is crucial for businesses to adopt strategies to reduce their carbon footprint to create a positive impact on the environment and become energy efficient for long-term prosperity.

R-NG Energy specialises in energy management, renewables and low-carbon technology and delivers end-to-end energy solutions for both large and small scale projects, from small EV charging to the installation and maintenance of large, complex smart buildings.

As part of the Lorne Stewart Group, we utilise our long-standing heritage and expertise in delivering building engineering services, modern methods of construction and facilities management, to deliver flexible and robust low carbon technology solutions.

Through our 'One Total Solution' approach, we align strategic sustainability thinking with in-house design, technical expertise and cost management, to ensure our clients achieve outcomes which are ambitious, appropriate and achievable.

Our clients can choose a structured framework through planning, forecasting, measuring, and implementing change, or choose a more bespoke package from the lists below to suit their requirements.


  • Measuring your carbon footprint across a range of business activities
  • Identifying reduction opportunities and prioritise areas where emissions can be reduced or eliminated
  • Setting clear and ambitious energy and carbon reduction targets
  • Developing a comprehensive roadmap outlining the steps, initiatives, and investments required to achieve positive outcomes.


  • Feasibility Studies taking into account business growth and technology advancements
  • Identifying risks and opportunities associated with climate change impacts, regulatory changes, and market trends
  • Evaluating the financial implications including the costs of implementing emission reduction measures and potential cost savings over time
  • Considering available funding and incentives


  • Programme management
  • Setting a baseline for measuring progress and defining interim targets
  • Implementing monitoring systems to measure and monitor emissions regularly
  • Digitisation and data accuracy, transparency, and consistency in emissions reporting
  • Utilising recognised standards and protocols
  • Use of the Internet of Things and Data Analytics.


  • Design services
  • Implementing emission reduction strategies and initiatives
  • Transition and change Management
  • Fostering collaboration from employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Regularly reviewing and assessing progress
  • Identifying areas where further improvements can be made and adjust strategies accordingly

Benefits realisation
As well contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future, increasing your sustainability credentials and reducing carbon emissions offers several other significant benefits.

Installation and maintenance...

EV Charging Points

From single charging points to multiple installations, Lorne Stewart can provide scalable solutions for EV charging requirements.

Renewable Technology

Lorne Stewart delivers a range of micro-generation renewable solutions including solar and wind installations and ongoing maintenance.

Low Carbon Technology

Experts in the low carbon technology arena, Lorne Stewart can install and maintain solutions that provide energy with low carbon emissions including ground source and air source pumps as well as battery storage schemes and combined heat and power systems.

Smart Buildings

Lorne Stewart’s digital solutions fully enable new and existing buildings to become smart. Through sensors and data analytics Lorne Stewart can provide meaningful insights and actionable data for energy and carbon management.

Delivering some of the World's greenest buildings...

'The Crystal' Siemen's Urban Sustainability Centre, London

This 7,000m2 independent global hub hosts the world’s largest exhibition on the ‘future of cities’ and was the first building in the world to reach both BREEAM Outstanding and LEED Platinum status. Building features Include; 100% electric (20% generated by PV), every kilowatt of electricity used can be measured, CO2 emissions 70% lower than comparable office buildings in the UK, solar glass self shading facades, ground source heat pumps supply the building’s heating and cooling, 199 pipes totalling 17km in length and reaching as deep as 150m, an Energy Management System controlling all electrical and mechanical systems in the building, and information from an outdoor weather station supplements over 3,500 data points.

One Angel Square, Manchester

One of the few select projects in the UK to be designed to perform to BREEAM Outstanding, DEC A and EPC A+, One Angel Square incorporates Low and Zero Carbon technologies (LZCs) including; a double-skin facade, Pure Plant Oil (PPO) fuelled Central Heating & Power units (CHP), rainwater and grey water harvesting systems, earth duct tempered ventilation system, with 80% of the services pre-fabricated off-site. Our design teams investigated ways of improving the energy performance over and above client requirements. The result was integrated Central Plant and Distribution Circuits Design, able to capture the full potential of all available free heating and cooling cycles, with the minimum of additional motive power under varying building losses and atmospheric conditions.

Edinburgh St James Energy Centre and Decentralised Energy Scheme

This Scheme houses 850,000ft2 of retail space, the UK’s second ever W Hotel, 152 unique apartments, 30 restaurants, a Roomzzz Aparthotel and the city’s first Everyman cinema. We were appointed to deliver the full Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health, design and installation of this 7MW Energy Centre at St James in Edinburgh City Centre. Using modular solutions in a logistically challenging environment, we pre-fabricated 80% of this Low Carbon Decentralised Energy Centre offsite, which now provides affordable heat (7MWth peak) and cooling (5.1MWch peak) to 1.7 million ft2 of mixed used retail and hotel space, all located within a world-renowned destination.

Heygate Energy Centre

This gas-fired Energy Centre is a four-storey district heating hub for a scheduled 15-year residential redevelopment in the Elephant & Castle area of Southwark. We were contracted to design, deliver, supply and manage the mechanical, electrical and plant works, as well as the commissioning and testing of the energy centre, set to provide a central source of hot water and heating for 4,594 residential dwellings and 26,552m2 of commercial space plus a range of shops and restaurants, all covering a total of 25 acres.The energy centre provides low carbon heat via 48 gas fired modular boilers and gas fired CHPs and the scheme incorporates thermal stores in order to maximise the operation of the CHP plant.

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